Who’s the daddy?


WHO’S THE DADDY? is a character driven comedy-drama about the ups and down of modern mother-hood. After two mums have a rude introduction in playground purgatory, things soon get far more interesting. It turns out these two women have far more in common than either of them could have possibly imagined…



Who’s behind Who’s the Daddy?  This comedy is about some seriously un-funny issues facing working mothers today. I teamed up with Clancie Brennan, producer of award winning short https://www.earlydaysfilm.com . We wanted to make this comedy short to champion women and film and working mums everywhere.

Starring Kellie Shirlie, Olivia Lee, with Naz Hussain, Jake Maskall and Cavan Clerkin Who’s the Daddy is currently on the film festival circuit – then will be on public release next year.




Directed, Produced, Written